Rome Pilgrimage sites - 4 Basilicas

Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome

Rome Pilgrimage - Four Basilicas


Rome Pilgrimage - Saint Peter's Basilica

When in Rome a pilgrim must visit Saint Peter's Basilica since as a Roman Catholic this is like going to the Corporate headquarters. Only the Church's retirement plan is much better.

This is a immense structure that you have to see it with your own eyes to really get the feel and look.

No camera does it justice. You have to be there.

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Saint John Lateran Basilica

Rome Pilgrimage - Saint John Lateran Basilica

Saint John Lateran is the Cathedral Church of Rome diocese. This Basilica has the Cathedral chair for the Bishop of Rome who is also the Pope.

Inside the 12 Apostles line the walls. Superb artwork and artifacts.

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Saint Paul Outside the Wall Basilica

Rome Pilgrimage - Saint Paul Outside the Walls Basilica

This Basilica is the famous Basilica that burned down in the 19 century to be rebuilt. Inside are lots of artifacts during the first century.

The Crucifix that spoke to Saint Bridget of Sweden.

The tomb of Saint Paul.

The walls have mosaics of all of the Popes and many more extra spaces available. We counted them last visit, a lot more than 2 spaces left.

Saint Mary Major Basilica

Rome Pilgrimage - Saint Mary Major Basilica

This is the Basilica also known as Our Lady of the Snows, due to the tradition that it snowed on August 5th and left a outline on the hill for the Basillica to be built upon.

Scala Santa the Holy Steps

Scala Santa

The Scala Santa are the Holy Steps that led up to the praetorium of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem.  These steps were brought over from Jerusalem during the time of Saint Helena. They are encased with wood, to protect besides Pilgrims do not want to walk or kneel on the same steps as Jesus.

Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum has probably the most extensive collection of art and rare artifacts in the world.

The scenes we are familiar with are everywhere like Angels carrying the Holy House.  I love the painting of the Pope meeting Attila the Hun outside of Rome.

Saints of Rome dvd

Saints of Rome dvd available

Taped  on location in Rome
t. Peter’s Tomb in his Basilica,
Vatican Museum depicting The Creation of the World
and the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel,
St. John Lateran,

St. Mary Major,
 the Mamertine Prison,

where St. Paul was imprisoned during his last days, and St. Paul outside the Walls -

Chapel of St. Brigid of Sweden where Our Lord Jesus came to life and spoke to her. 

See the tomb of St. Paul.
Plus scenes of Rome - Roman Forum - The Colosseum  and Circus Maximus where Christians were martyred.


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