Shrines of Spain - Alba de Tormes - Tomb of Saint Teresa

Alba de Tormes

We begin the Shrines of Spain with Alba de Tormes - tomb of Saint Teresa

Venerate Saint Teresa's relics and tour the museum of memorabilia of her life.

We will not list all the Shrines of Spain on this page. We are listing those we are most familiar with.

Spain has a rich Catholic Tradition and many place to explore and experience. Shrines of Spain Media Link Saint Teresa of Avila

Pilgrimage Brochures - Spain

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Avila - Birthplace of Saint Teresa and convents


Avila is the birthplace of Saint Teresa.

Visit the Casa Natal, where St. Teresa of Avila was born. Here you will see a statue of Jesus being scourged at the Pillar.

Visit the Incarnation Convent where she spent 27 years as a nun. 

Inside the Convent you will be able to see how life was in that period.

There is a room filled with memorabilia from the period and many of the items were personal items of Saint Teresa.

In particular is the little statue of Jesus scourged that belonged to Saint Teresa. Saint Teresa of Avila media

Shrines of Spain - Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral is a landmark and icon of Spain.

Daroca and Miracle of the Eucharist

Daroca and Miracle of  Eucharist

Daroca, where a Blood-stained Corporal is on view.

This Miracle of the Eucharist of Daroca which gave courage to the Spanish troops in a battle against the Moslems, was used as a banner to lead them into victory against the enemy.

El Escorial and Miracle of the Eucharist

El Escorial

El Escorial is north of Madrid

Experience and venerate the Miracle of the Eucharist of El Escorial, in which a Heretic stomped on a Consecrated Host with his boots, causing the Host to bleed.

Trace the story of the Miracle of the Eucharist of El Escorial from Holland to Vienna, and finally to Spain.

Loyola - Birthplace of Saint Ignatius

Loyola and Saint Ignatius

Loyola is one of the must visited Shrines of Spain. It is the birthplace of Saint Ignatius of Loyola - founder of the Jesuits. His birthplace now is a magnificent Shrine.

See the castle of Loyola, where St. Ignatius was born and was converted from soldier of the world to soldier of Christ. 

Take the Tour and and pray in the Room of his Conversion. 

Salamanca - University city


Salamanca is a city in western Spain, the capital of the province of Salamanca, which belongs to the autonomous community of Castile and Leon (Castilla y León).

Visit the University of Salamanca

Santander - Living Cross of Limpias

Living Cross of Limpias

Come to Santander Spain, to the Church of the Living Cross, which came
to life during a Lenten Mission in 1919, and appeared in
different forms to different people in the Church.

See the agonizing suffering endured by Our Lord Jesus during
the Passion.

Listen to the priest as he explains what happened, and how
devotion has grown here.

Hear about ongoing Miracles attributed to the Living Cross of
Limpias, and the pilgrims who keep coming back.

Miracle of the Living Cross of Limpias

Santiago de Compostela - Saint James

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostola is one of the most visited and famous places of Pilgrimage.

It is part of the culture of Western Civilization.

Saint James came to Spain and evangelized there after the Crucifixion.

Segovia - Tomb of Saint John of the Cross

Segovia - Saint John of the Cross

Segovia is the home of the Shrine of Saint John of the Cross.

Here you will be able to venerate the Saint at his tomb.

There is a courtyard and other areas you may visit.

On the way into Segovia you will see a well preserved Roman Aqueduct.

Zaragoza - Blessed Mother visits Saint James

Zaragoza Cathedral

Zaragoza is the home of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Pillar or Our Lady of Pilar.

The pillar that had been fashioned by the Angels is still there and has been venerated and kissed by the faithful for almost 2000 years.

When you visit the Chapel of our lady of Pilar, you will see the tiny image resting on the Pillar brought over by Mother Mary and the Angels.

And if you go to the back of the Chapel as our Pope John Paul II did, you too can kiss the Pillar. Shrine of Our Lady of Pilar


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